I have been a graphic designer for 6 years.

Since each project has different needs and problems to solve, the pricing also varies. To get a quote, please click on "LET'S WORK!" at the top of this page, provide some information about you and your company, and I will be able to provide you with a personalized quote.

My logo design process consists of 9 steps, with 3 of them occurring before the first sketch is created:

1) I meet with you to discuss your design and branding needs thoroughly. This step is crucial to ensure that we are aligned and on the same page.

2) I conduct a thorough analysis of your company's social media presence, customer base, and business model. Additionally, I research your competition and industry standards to understand current design trends and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

3) Based on our discussions and research, I plan the direction of the project by selecting a style, choosing colors that align with your branding, and visualizing the overall design format.

4) I begin the creative process by creating multiple rough sketches on paper, following the outlined guidelines.

5) After reviewing the sketches and considering your requirements and preferences, I select one sketch that exhibits versatility, uniqueness, and appropriateness for your brand.

6) I refine the chosen sketch on paper, adding sharp lines and intricate details to enhance its visual appeal.

7) I digitize the refined sketch and apply color to bring the logo to life.

8) I present the finalized logo to you, showcasing its functionality through mockups. We discuss its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

9) If we are both satisfied with the final design, I provide you with the necessary artwork files, and upon your approval, the project is concluded.

Yes, I usually work on multiple jobs simultaneously. However, there are instances where I am able to dedicate all my time solely to one project. For exclusive focus, I may charge a slightly higher fee, and it is typically necessary to schedule such projects a month or two in advance.