So . . . The big question


Unfortunately, I can't provide you with an estimate until you answer a few questions. You can access the questionnaire by clicking on "LET'S WORK!" at the top of the page. The reason for this is that I work with a wide range of companies that have varying needs. For instance, I recently completed a comprehensive rebranding project for a salon, which involved designing a logo with logo variations, marketing materials, Instagram story icons, a letterhead, and more. On the other hand, my most recent client, a lighting company, only required a logo.

What is certain is that I charge on a project basis, rather than an hourly rate. This approach allows me to allocate the necessary time without feeling constrained by a specific timeframe. My clients appreciate this because they don't have to worry about additional charges if the project takes longer than expected. They also have the assurance that I am dedicated to creating a high-quality logo, without the need to track time and calculate costs. In other words, I have ample time to focus solely on the design process, instead of wasting time tracking time and calculating job totals. The only reason the total would cost more than the agreed-upon number would be because the client requested additional work. In that case, an addendum to the contract would be made with the agreed-upon fee and signatures from both parties would be needed.

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