Over the past year, I designed Card.io, a strategic and luck based card game. The creator of the game wanted a fun and playful illustrative style, but nothing too childish. I started with the 15 individual card designs and, after getting the teams approval, moved on to designing the card abilities/ instruction sheet, box art, token designs, and promotional materials. Later on, we also decided to create a "Dark Mode" version of the game, using the same designs but in black and white. To prevent the game from appearing dull, I added more design elements to the box art to give it a more hand-drawn feel. The two versions of the game are stylistically different, which is exactly what we wanted. 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, I created various items such as stickers, postcards, t-shirts, and rewards for our backers. Communicating with our game manufacturer to design the packaging format was a valuable experience. I learned a lot about what it takes to bring a product to life. This project has been a great learning opportunity, and I have grown significantly as a result.