Slate Canyon Construction approached me to design a simple geometric logo that would fit comfortably within the boundaries of a business card. They wanted the logo to be sleek yet rigid enough to fit within the industry. I designed the logo following the given parameters, turning the word 'SLATE' into a distinguishable typeface that represents the precise geometric proportions of a building. I also created the letter 'A' in the name to be an angular shape that represents the degrees from a roof's overhang to a building's walls. The client loved how the logo turned out, so they had me design business cards with it. The rigid mountain design on the business card represents Slate Canyon, a canyon in Utah that the company is named after. I designed it in a way that it can be used in many other marketing and branding materials. Since then, I have also designed four different t-shirt designs and a beanie design for the company, one of which is shown above.